Boho parties are now undeniably famous and the new “in” in the society nowadays. It has become a trend that looks cool and amazing especially when the bohemian fashion is applied as a theme for a party. It is a unique and easy to achieve kind of a party at present. You do not even need to spend too much just to accomplish this kind of party.

A boho party only needs a good lush of grass outside your home and an ambiance that is highly touched by nature. It is a party in the sense of having some tribal designs that would truly be a head turner if anyone sees the photo of the party.

This kind of party is most applicable for friends who want to gather and socialize with each other. It is best as you catch up with your friends who have been separated for a long time.

Here are some quick and easy things that would easily give you ideas on how to throw a Bohemian themed party:

1. Place a carpet on your garden

To achieve a bohemian party, it requires the green grass on your lawn. All you have to do is place a carpet for you and your friends to avoid getting some itch from the grass. It would also give you comfort in sitting on the ground as you celebrate with your friends. This is highly recommended to add design for your party as well.

2. Add a magic touch of some pillows

The night would not be complete without having some pillows where you can lie or it on. The party is not just having some food on the table. It is also about spending some quality time with your friends. You can sit, or you can even lie down on the ground with the comfort of the pillow as you talk and watch the stars up above the sky. Wouldn’t it be a cool way as you have fun with friends?

3. The power of lights

The Christmas lights or light bulbs hanging up above and around you is one of the coolest things in a boho themed party. It is the one that gives magic to your night. It would also give you awesome pictures that you can share on social media through facebook, twitter, and instagram. To add uniqueness, you can place the lights inside some colored bottles or plastic bottles to make the night even more colourful and vibrant. For sure, your followers or friends on social media would envy how your party looks so good, vibrant, and unique.

4. Scent of hanging flowers

Hanging some flowers is one of a kind and very helpful as you enjoy the party. It is not only pleasant for your eyes but it would also give you a fresh aroma. It is a party that is full of simple decorations but it can already give you an amazing time with a classic touch of nature.

5. Good food for a happier tummy

Of course, the party will never be complete without a good food. To have a successful party with your friends, check out the catering services of Catering Hollywood, CA. You would surely enjoy the food and you would surely have a happy tummy as you have fun and spend some quality time with your friends.


Try these things out and see how successful a boho themed party can be. Wear your best boho fashion and enjoy the relaxing ambiance and aroma of this very unique, cheap, and simple, but elegant party. Surely, people would envy the unique party that you have got.